Comparison Chart

Finish Matt Sheen Sheen Soft Sheen Matt
Anti Fungus & Anti Algae Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Moderate
Colour Retention Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Poor
Dirt Pick Up Resistance No Excellent Good Moderate Poor
Elasticity No Good Excellent Moderate No
Water Repellency & Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Moderate
Thermal Stability Yes Yes Yes Yes Moderate
U.V.Resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Heat & Scrub resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes Moderate
Performance Warranty 5 to 7 Years 5 to 7 Years 5 to 7 Years 4 to 5 Years 2 Years
For Best Result – Use Indotex Acrylic Universal or Exterior Primer as Priming Coat
Platina Luxury Emulsion Regency Premium Emulsion Inolux Smooth Emulsion Distemper  
Water Resistance Yes Yes Yes No  
Anti Peal Off Yes Yes Yes No  
Anti Fungus Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Color Resention Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Stain Resistance Yes No No No  
Sheen Excellent Good Matt Matt  
For Best Result – Use Indotek Acrylic Superfine Putty 2 to 3 Coats prior to Painting
COMPARISON between Conventional Lappi & INDOTEK Acrylic Putty
Characteristics Conventional Lappi / Economical Putty INDOTEK Superfine Putty
Finish Rough Silky Marble Smooth
Appearance / Colour Pale Yellow Marble White
Tio2 Content No YES
Primer Coat 2 coats are Must No
Consistency Very Poor Excellent – Factory made
Pilling off Maximum Chance Least Chance
Water Resistance Very Poor Very Good
Strength Very Poor – 1.5 to 2% Excellent – 14%
Flaking More Chances of Flaking No
Duration of Application Requires More Time   Very Fast
Stock Inventory At least 4 Items Only Putty
Labor Cost More Less
Economical Over All Much COSTLIER Over All Much CHEAPER and excellent strength
Note :  [1] Comparison is based on No Prejudice.        [2] Information collected from the Market           [3] Information given above may vary related to different product of other companies.
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